Who are Chris Munch and Jay Cruise?

Chris Munch and Jay Cruise is one of the most popular duos in the affiliate world. Both of them are successful online entrepreneurs who have proven their worth on the online market place through platforms like Muncheye. Moreover, people also appreciate their overall good business conduct and their helpful webinars.

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Who are Chris Munch and Jay Cruise?

What is muncheye and how has it helped Chris and Jay embark their footsteps in the affiliate world?

Muncheye is basically a platform for launching products. This is where all the products that are coming into the market can inform people about them and get affiliates to promote them.

This is also one of the greatest sites out there when it comes to launch-jacking which is basically launching new products into the market in a well-marketed way. If you want to know more about launch jacking, ecomscoop has a great article on just that so do give it a look if you’re interested. “Launch Jacking: Step by Step tutorial.

Chis and Jay are also quite popular due to their recent launch 100k shoutout, which did a business of over $3.5 million. They launched this product in August of 2019 and the product went viral. To elaborate, they are still paying their affiliates commissions from that product as of today.

Moreover, they own press cable and now have been working on a new product namely, “The Asigo System”. They have been working on the asigo system for the past 5 years. And they claim that it’s going to be a revolutionary product that’s going to change the eCommerce world. This might sound boastful and exaggerated but they do have their prior successes to back their words up. As the 100k shoutout got quite good reviews from the people that used and reviewed it.

What Is The Asigo System??

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The asigo system, simply put, is an all in one system that will allow you to manage most of the parts of your eCommerce business without even having to spend much time. It does not, however, claim any promises like “get rich quick” as its founders, Chris Much and Jay Cruise say that it will start showing results after 40 days. This system will supposedly give you the resources to start an online business without actually doing much about it. You could go on with your daily endeavors, your job, or your business whilst developing another stream of income.

This will introduce you to the massive world of eCommerce which is without a doubt a great thing. As the eCommerce world has immense potential and the potential is just going to grow in the following years. To elaborate, eCommerce did an overall sales of $3.5 trillion in just the last year. Moreover, it is estimated that around 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040, so it is definitely something that you want to get into as only a teeny tiny share of that huge sum has the potential to change your financial position as well as your whole life.

The asigo system has just been released on the 28th of July 2020 just as scheduled despite the worldwide Pandemic is going on. And as of now, it is available for $2997. The Asigo System is only open for purchase till the 6th of August as it is a very high-level product and the management would solely and completely focus on the people who sign up during this limited time frame. Lastly, you can go on and ask for a refund till 60 days without any questions asked.

Some of the people have already gone through the refund successfully as they brainstorm over their decision. But there is no doubt to the credibility of this product and its creators as is seen by their previous products and the trust they have in the market. They are the people to buy the product of if any in the market

More about the Asigo system (their new product)

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It is a program that will train you as well as provide you with tools. These tools will further help you make money through advertising items and offers. Moreover, this program also helps you find suitable affiliates. And along with this, the program will help you link affiliate marketing, blog writing, and influencer marketing in a way that you and your brand can benefit from.

This program whilst training you will also refer you to tutorials that will guide and grow your eCommerce each and every day. The best thing about these tutorials is that you can go at your own pace of learning and go through them whenever you get the time. It is a wholesome way that offers a great way of earning a passive stream of money. If you want to know more about the Asigo system and whether if its worth your money and time. This is a product that all of us are looking forward to seeing what it actually entails. We have written a great article on just that so do give it a look if you are interested, “The Asigo system review: All you need to know about it”

Now that we have talked about what they are working on as of now

A Bit More About These Two

These two are also educators and also conduct a lot of webinars to help people out in their struggle. Some of them paid and others free. They also recently wrote an article on how the Covid-19 pandemic will affect the business world. Furthermore, they also plan on keep making these types of revolutionary products over the course of the next years to further revolutionize and impact the eCommerce world in a positive way. Their products and struggles mostly entail in making eCommerce more and more accessible to the average people so that they can also take benefit of the great benefit that this industry has. Ecommerce has the potential of producing an entrepreneur from every household and this is what Chris and Jay’s products stand and advocate for. These platforms will help people set stable streams of passive income

What Is A Passive Stream Of Income You Ask?

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Who are Chris Munch and Jay Cruise?

Well, let’s learn that through an example Say you had a rough night, you went to sleep early, woke up, opened up your laptop, and there, you earned yourself $30000 while asleep. Isn’t that just a dream come true. Well, this is called passive earning. So, basically earning money whilst you are not doing anything to actually earn money from that specific platform at the moment. Simply put, this means earning money from a source without ever having to cater to it day and night. You can go and try a million other things while still earning a table amount of money from a certain source.

eCommerce and the online market place has given us some of the best ways to set up passive income streams. And literally anyone can benefit from them. Ecommerce within itself brings along many business models like dropshipping and affiliate marketing which are also great ways of passive income if done right. But none of these in any way start bearing fruit in the early stage. In fact, like everything else good in life you do have to put in the hard work. But, nonetheless, they do have their conveniences like working from home and very little capital investment.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in telling you some stuff about of these internet entrepreneurs. Alas, there is not much information about both of them on the web, so sorry for the lack of info. And if you have any related questions, feel free to use the comment section below.

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